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The diagnoses and forecasts contained in this volume do not claim to be ultimate and absolute truths. The contributions you will read are merely proposals for our audience—proposals for the analysis, evaluation, and interpretation of currently available data, which are in constant flux; proposals for the identification and definition of possible scenarios; proposals for synthesis, trends, and recommendations; and even the formulation of new questions and dilemmas. In general, the included texts are an invitation to reflection, for a deep understanding of a changing world.
Prof. Dr. Valentin Naumescu, President of ICDE
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raluca Moldovan

Copyright Year: 2023

Examining the foreign policies of major powers, this book explores the global rivalry and efforts to challenge the Western liberal order. The Russian invasion of Ukraine since February 2022 has significantly disrupted the international system, leading to far-reaching consequences. While Putin’s War has reshaped the Western outlook, it does not signify the “end of history.” President Biden’s statement in Warsaw underscores the heightened tensions between democratic and autocratic powers, reaching levels unseen since the Cold War’s conclusion. His remark on President Putin emphasizes the urgency and seriousness of the current geopolitical landscape.

Volume Editor: Valentin Naumescu

Copyright Year: 2023

Collective Volumes

The volumes with the proceedings of the first two editions of the International Conference The European Union’s External Relations and the Perspectives of the Global Order (EUXGLOB) are now published and free to read. You can download the PDFs by clicking on the two pictures below.