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The current context of instability in the Black Sea makes the region a possible ground for confrontations between Russian and NATO allied forces in the foreseeable future (especially is one takes into account the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine), a prospect that requires the attention of regional, EU and NATO specialists alike. In order to better understand the situation in the Black Sea region, it is necessary to facilitate the creation of research networks that can bridge the gap between knowledge and policymaking. Our project aims to establish one such network, bringing together a variety of experienced voices, ranging from academics, experts, think tankers to policymakers and political advisers, both from within the Black Sea region, as well as from the European Union and NATO member states. Furthermore, the diversity of expertise within the network’s composition ensures that the issue of instability and regional cooperation in the Black Sea area will be comprehensively discussed and debated; this multidisciplinary approach will therefore include perspectives from the fields of security studies, international relations, political science, European and American studies, history and not only. Therefore, developing this integrated online Platform for Regional and Back Sea Security Studies that will be used by specialists as a resource and information center, which will also allow for dialogue and exchange of knowledge among the contributors is designed to be an important contribution to the dynamic field of regional security studies understood in a broader sense.


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